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August 28-30, 2023

Opening Night

August 28 - JW3, London
Registration and Opening Ceremony






Cultural Event Begins
Greetings by organizers and diplomats

Dance troupes: B'Rechovot Teiman, Bat Nedivim, and Ayelet Hen
Presentation by Dani Goldsmith, A Brief History of the Jews of Aden

Music of Aden: Jonny Mossesson band, and Galit Giat

Awards to community leaders

Day 1

August 29 - Woolf Institute


Session 1: The Long History of 'Adeni Jewry
Facilitator: Dr. Rachel Yadid

Dani Goldsmith, The Manehem Messa Family and the 'Aden Jewish Community
Doron Yaakov, ‘Aden Jewish Co
mmunity – Intercultural Identity


Session 2: Speaking and Writing 'Aden: Linguistic Diversity and Distinction
Facilitator: Professor Kamel Abdel-Malek
Uri Melammed, Al Hamd(u) lillāh: the Judeo-Arabic Translation of the Scroll of Esther
Ori Shachmon, Preservation and Innovation in the Jewish Dialect of Aden
Ofer Ashwal, The Ketubot of the Jewish Community of ‘Aden: Preservation and Uniqueness

14:00 - 15:30

Session 3: Artistic ‘Aden: Material and Social Histories

Facilitator: Drora Arussy

Anisa Anis Hasson Abas, Intangible Cultural Heritage
Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper, A Special Type of Torah Crown with Finials from Aden

Sarah Ansbacher, Passage from Aden: Behind the Stories from a Little Museum in Tel Aviv

Hananya Koresh, The Yemenite Heritage Center and the Jewish Communities of Israel - Rehovot-Israel




Session 4: Space and Place in the Formation of 'Adeni Identities

Facilitator: Dr. Ahmed Atef, ‘Aden’s Identity

Wadih ali Abdullah Aman,‘Adeni heritage sites

Mahmoud Ali Mohsen Al-Salmi, The Impact of Maritime Activity on the Diversity of the Population of the City of Aden


Session 5: Cultural Histories of ‘Adeni Rabbis

Facilitator: Uri Melammed

Ariel Malachi, R. Shmuel Ha’adani and the Model of the Perfect Jewish Sage

Tom Fogel, "Those people in the cities of Yemen who believe in demons": Between Magic and Medicine in 'Naḥalat Yosef' by the Adani scholar Shmuel ben Yosef Yeshua

Lilac Torgeman, Shukr Kuhayl, the Messiah from Yemen: Information Sharing between the Port Cities of ‘Aden and Alexandria

Benzion Bar-Ami, 2000 Years of Jewish Heritage in Aden




Asmara Film

Day 2

August 30 - Woolf Institute

9:00 - 10:30

Session 6: Jewish ‘Aden under British Rule

Facilitator: Michal Sagi

Drora Arussy, Education in Aden in the early 20th Century

Aviva Klein-Franke, Jewish Communal Development under British Rule in ‘Aden

Jaklin Mansoor, Trade, Gender, and Daily Life in Jewish ‘Aden

Mark S. Wagner, The Singapore that Wasn’t: British Aden in Ahmad Zayn’s “Steamer Point”

10:45 - 12:15

Session 7: Yemeni Jewish Migrants in ‘Aden: Histories of Suffering & Solidarity

Facilitator: Michal Sagi

Menashe Anzi,‘Adeni Jews and their support for Yemeni Jewish immigrants in the 1950s

Dani Bar Maoz,The City of ‘Aden: Gateway to Redemption or Gateway to Hell?

Bat Zion Eraqi Klorman, 'Aden: A Magnet for Yemeni Migrants: mid 19th Century to mid 20th Century

Binyamin Gamlieli, The Pogroms in Aden on the Eve of the War of Independence

12:30- 13:45

Session 8: ‘Aden on the Sea: Diasporas, Migrant Communities, and Trade in a Locus of Maritime Empire

Facilitator: Dr. Menashe Anzi

Benjamin Berman-Gladstone, Immigration Regulation and the British Project to Control ‘Aden’s Makeup

Shalva Weil, Bene Israel Indian Jews in ‘Aden: The Rise and Fall of an Unknown Jewish Community

Itamar Toussia Cohen, Recasting the Colonial Dubash: Parsi Capital in the Port of Aden, 1840-1888

14:30 - 15:45

Session 9: Recording ‘Aden: Archival, Oral, and Personal Histories

Facilitator: Dr. Rachel Yadid

Yigal Sitry, Records regarding the Zionist activities among the Jews of Yemen housed in the CZA

Misha Mansoor, Born and raised in Aden to a new life in London

Ephraim Isaac, My father’s journey through Aden

15:45 - 16:30

Session 10: Next Steps – the future of ‘Aden

Facilitator: Ahmed Atef

Mohamed Qubaty and Shady M. Qubaty, Reviving ‘Aden: A Confluence of Historical Relevance and Prospective Resurgence in a Maritime Multicultural Ecosystem

Closing remarks


Closing Remarks

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